Human disease tissues contain multiple cell types or similar cell types in different states. This heterogeneity can be revealed by gene expression analysis at the single cell level. Potentially relevant variations in disease biomarkers among minor but critical pathogenic cell populations might be hidden by averaging all cells in a disease tissue. Therefore, single cell analysis promises to lead to a better understanding of human disease pathogenesis for diagnostic applications.

The ability to distinguish, sort and recover rare target cells from a small volume of liquid biopsies such as ocular vitreous fluids or liquor, poses unique challenges that impede diagnostic accuracy. Heterogeneous cell populations with non-target immunoreactive cells in liquid biopsies complicate conventional bulk-cell analysis, and could lead to disease misdiagnosis.

To unlock the power of single-cell biology, MBS has used the unique proprietary technology that enable automated identification, isolation and recovery of rare single cells from total blood or from any type of tissue, for the development of single cell-based diagnotics.