To unlock the power of single cell biology, MBS has used the unique AutoPrep System that enables automated identification, isolation and recover

To unlock the power of single cell biology, MBS has used the unique proprietary  AutoPrep System to enrich and select rare cells using ferrofluid-conjugated antibodies and unique automated cell sorting capabilities. Very rare cells, such as fetal trophoblasts can be captured by specific antibodies developed against novel targets identified on single cells. From liquid biopsies, circulating cells such as CFC (circulating fetal cells), CTC (circulating tumor cells) and PIC (pathogenic immune cells) can now be identified and isolated.

One of the first successful MBS application resides in the field of prenatal diagnosis. The capability to isolate from the blood of pregnant women very rare single-fetal cells open the way to novel frontiers in the investigation of the full fetal genome.

The advantage of a circulating fetal cell approach is that the DNA from fetal cells is not mixed with the mother’s DNA, it is not fragmentated and is fully preserved. This means that sensitivity/specificity for chromosomes aberrations detection is highly enhanced, when compared to cfDNA NIPT test.

MBS has also developed methods to isolate circulating Pathogenic Immune Cells (PIC) as single cells for molecular and functional analyses in human diseases, including cancer. Monitoring PIC before, during and after systemic therapy might provide unique information for the future clinical management of the patient and might serve as a surrogate marker for response to therapy.