To unlock the power of single cell biology, MBS has used the unique DEPArrayNxT technology  that enables automated identification, isolation and recovery of rare single cells to generate applications for single cell-based diagnosis. It is well known that in blood samples from cancer patients, circulating tumor cells can be found and isolated for molecular analyses, as single cells. MBS has developed methods to isolate circulating Pathogenic Immune Cells (PIC) as single cells for molecular and functional analyses in human diseases, including cancer. Monitoring PIC before, during and after systemic therapy might provide unique information for the future clinical management of the patient and might serve as a surrogate marker for response to therapy.

Moreover, very rare circulating fetal cells, from pregnant women, can also be selected and isolated for prenatal diagnosis. These new developments are based on the generation of specific antibodies and the discovery of novel cellular biomarkers on circulating human cells for applications in diagnostics.