2019 - Ocular Immunology & Inflammation


Purpose: Vitreoretinal lymphoma (VRL) is a potentially fatal intraocular malignancy. Diagnosis is hampered by poor preservation of morphology and DNA/RNA integrity, which precludes adjunctive molecular analysis. We aimed to determine the optimum fixative protocol for VRL biopsies that permits cytology, IHC/flow cytometry and molecular analyses. Methods: Six fixatives were compared on cultured Pfeiffer cells used as a cellular model. Cells were fixed and evaluated on cellular morphology, antibody staining, DNA/RNA amount and integrity. VRL clinical cases were used as validation and proof-of-concept. Results: PreservCyt was the best fixative for preserving cellular morphology and high-quality RNA/DNA from vitreous fluid biopsies. Cells from clinical VRL cases fixed with PreservCyt showed adequate cellular morphology and IHC positivity. Sufficient DNA was obtained for IgH clonality and MYD88 mutation detection using remnant cytological fluid. Conclusions: PreservCyt maintains good morphology and RNA/DNA integrity suggesting that it is a suitable fixative for VRL diagnosis and molecular analysis.

Keywords: Fixative protocols; MYD88; VRL; lymphoma diagnostics; vitreoretinal lymphoma.

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Wang MM, Tan WJ, Lim TS, Chan ASY.

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