2019 - Blood

The intraocular diffuse large B-cell vitroretinal lymphoma is a constant diagnostic challenge for clinicians. Cytology, the current gold standard for diagnosis, is often limited by low cellularity and quality of the vitreous aspirates. While the advent of molecular clonality assay had generated much interest, the assay is actually conducted on bulk sample, and therefore the possibility of false positive diagnosis is high. This has prompted us to focus on single cell isolation and analysis to mitigate morbidity and mortality associated with VRL misdiagnosis. Using imaging-based single-cell sorting capabilities of the DEPArray™ NxT system, we isolated single B cells from the vitreous fluids for paired immunoglobulin heavy and light chain analysis. Additionally, we interrogated chromosomal translocation, genetic mutation and copy number variation at single cell resolution. Our study provided unprecedented genomic and molecular characterization of single B cells, which cannot be achieved by standard cytology or bulk cell analysis.


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Wei Jian Tan, Mona Meng Wang, Paola Ricciardi-Castagnoli, Tiffany Tang, Soon Phaik Chee, Tong Seng Lim and Anita Sook Yee Chan

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