Menarini Biomarkers’ disruptive technology enriches and sorts single fetal cells from maternal blood and uses them for genetic analysis

Menarini Biomarkers has developed a disruptive fetal cell-based technology enabling a new paradigm for non-invasive prenatal testing.  Our Cell-based non-invasive prenatal test (CB-NIPT) uses enriched fetal trophoblast cells isolated from a simple venous blood draw.

This is achieved using ferrofluid-conjugated proprietory antibodies and a proprietory protocol for the use of the Menarini automated CellTracks AutoPrep System.
Menarini Biomarkers can enrich fetal trophoblasts (cEVTs) with the highest reproducibility and sensitivity. Target cells are then sorted with a unique sorting platform.

The successful isolation of single fetal cells from maternal blood provides a source of optimal unfragmented fetal DNA obtained non-invasively.

Single human diploid cells contains extremely low quantity of genomic DNA, and whole genome amplification (WGA) is required to increase the amount of DNA for any downstream genomic/genetic analysis.