The Menarini Silicon Ampli1 WGA kit was designed to provide optimal amplification from DNA obtained from a single cell and the well-balanced amplified DNA library can be used for downstream analyses including copy number variants (CNV) at single-cell resolution using Ampli1 LowPass Kit.

Menarini Silicon Ampli1 LowPass kit generates multiplexed, sequencing-ready for detection of chromosomal aneuploidies and copy number variants can be detected by low-pass whole genome sequencing  with a resolution of genomic copy number variants (CNVs) down to 800KB.

An important feature of our platform relates to the molecular genetic confirmation of the fetal origin of isolated cells. We accomplished this with a proprietary algorithm based on SNP analysis. Using the same algorithm, the separate analysis of each individual circulating cell also enabled the detection of distinct genetic signatures in the case of dizygotic twins.