Menarini Biomarkers Singapore (MBS) was created in 2014 by  Menarini Asia Pacific in Singapore and is fully owned by Menarini SPA the biggest Italian Pharma Company with annual revenue of 3.6 Billion Euro (2020). Menarini Group, which was founded in 1886, has over 17,000 employees working in more than 130 countries. Menarini Group markets products in key therapeutic fields including allergy/respiratory, cardiovascular, gastroenterology, metabolism, diabetes, anti-inflammatory and oncology.


In the coming years many novel biomarkers will be identified using single cells analysis. These discoveries will drive precision medicine, the new frontier in disease prediction and disease control.

Menarini Biomarkers Singapore (MBS) mission is to identify, develop and validate new biomarkers on circulating human cells for applications in diagnostics. From liquid biopsies, circulating cells such as CFC (circulating fetal cells), CTC (circulating tumor cells) and PIC (pathogenic immune cells) will be captured by specific antibodies developed against novel targets and conjugated to FerroFluid (Cell Search Technology) and further selected and analysed with the DEPArray platform. Together with Menarini Silicon Biosystems (MSB), Menarini Biomarkers aims to recover and select the most rare cell types from any type of tissues or liquid biopsies. The identified novel biomarkers will provide actionable new tools to clinicians to follow disease progression and measure real-time responses to therapies.

The Team

  • Stephen Phua - Chairman of the Board of Directors - cv
  • Luigi Ricciardi - CEO - cv
  • Paola Castagoli, PhD - Chief Scientist - cv
  • Thomas Musci, M.D. - CMO (Chief Medical Officer) - cv
  • Anna Doffini, PhD - CB-NIPT Project Manager - cv

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