About Menarini Biomarkers

Menarini Biomarkers is a biotech company developing a revolutionary method to isolate fetal cells in maternal blood and provide a genetic analysis of the fetus based on the cells.

Our mission is to help clinicians and women to manage pregnancies starting from the genetic analysis, thanks to a non-invasive Cell-Based test suitable for the entire pregnant population

Menarini Biomarkers Singapore is part of Menarini Asia Pacific and is fully owned by Menarini Group, the biggest Italian Pharma Company with annual revenue of 3.8 Billion Euro (2021). Menarini Group, which was founded in 1886, has over 17,000 employees working in more than 130 countries.

Our history

Menarini founded Menarini Biomarkers Singapore in 2014 to identify, develop and validate new biomarkers on circulating human cells for applications in diagnostics.

From liquid biopsies, circulating cells such as CFC (circulating fetal cells) or CTC (circulating tumor cells) were captured by specific antibodies developed against novel targets and conjugated to FerroFluid (Menarini-Cell Search Technology) and further selected by sorting as single cells for molecular analysis.

Using this approach, MBS has been able to identify biomarkers on circulating trophoblasts from pregnant women and has established a platform to capture them.


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