Menarini Biomarkers Singapore (MBS) mission is to identify, develop and validate new biomarkers on circulating human cells for applications in diagnostics. From liquid biopsies, circulating cells such as CFC (circulating fetal cells), CTC (circulating tumor cells) and PIC (pathogenic immune cells) will be captured by specific antibodies developed against novel targets and conjugated to FerroFluid (Cell Search Technology) and further selected by sorting or analysed with the DEPArray platform (Menarini Silicon Biosystems Technology)

From 1 ml of total blood we can identify, isolate and recover as few as 1 targeted circulating cell.

Small sample size
Cell sample preparation of rare cells

Image-based single cell detection and sorting
Dielectrophoretic (DEP)-based digital cell sorting

Schematic representation showing the electric field generated in the silicon chip of the DEPArray cartridge that induces a polarization of cells, which are trapped in stable levitation.

DEPArray single cell sorting technology

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